Dungeness Inspired; following a visit in very bad weather and making work outdoors (see here) these were made in the studio, using acrylic and watercolour paper.  Painted as one on separate sheets 38cm x 28cm.  They work together more than as separate items – interesting experiment.

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Set of 3 Acrylics and Graphite on Watercolour Paper.  Inspired by a recent visit to Dungeness – Painted as one work on separate sheets 24cm x 28cm.

Done during a very blustery visit (tail end of the US storm Henry) – 40mph winds.  Had to weigh down the book using stones and pebbles and paint through and around these… more work from the 2 day visit here

Dungeness 260116#WCB01
Dungeness Acrylic A3 (A4 Watercolour Book)