Original Works

vestige i.iv


definition*vestige comes via French vestige from the Latin vestīgium – ‘footprint, trace,’ a word of uncertain origin, from which it was derived vestīgāre meaning ‘track or trace‘ which has given the English ‘investigate’

*source: Dictionary of Word Origins [John Ayto, 1999, Bloomsbury]

The idea that marks can be traces of ideas and experiences (potentially hinting at journeys) and not just a record of the process of making became apparent to me during the initial stages of making this series.  

In searching for a title, I was looking for something that bound tracks, traces, thoughts, histories, and investigations together; ‘vestige’ seemed appropriate from the ‘traces’ perspective, but it was only after researching the origins of the word that found out just how fitting the title was.  

During the making of the works in this series there is process of journeying with the marks as they occur [as investigations] these investigations lead [led] to the ‘vestige’ itself.