Layering Until the Wholeness is Found

Working on a series of layered works – this is the first of six ‘Impermanence’ landscapes.


Impermanence #01 | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper | 45cm x 45cm

Layering, Line, Wash, & Gesture

Been recently experimenting with layering with washes of different shades, adding lines (with carbon), some with collage of off-cuts of old watercolour paper – deciding on how to move along with the development of the work.

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper | 45cm x 45cm


Untitled No. 1 | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper | 40cm x 57cm

070716#02Untitled No. 2 | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper with Collage | 40cm x 57cm


Untitled No. 3 | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper with Collage | 40cm x 57cm

Landscape …Over Collage | #02

The second of two experiments, layer upon layer over a collage of work (an old Matisse calendar!). The challenge was finding the image within the layers and developing and uncovering the motif as the process went on.



Landscape …Over Collage | #01

Collaged some old images from an expired calendar, over-painted, scratched, over-painted, drew, marked – the cycle continued for 10+ visits, ending with some marks that became the final landscape…

Seeing Through The Light

Made in the studio.  Acrylic with ‘Liquitex Gloss Medium’ and graphite on Arches watercolour paper.  15cm x 28cm.  A gift for my nephew.

Seeing Through The Light
Acrylic on Paper | 15cm x 28cm

Edge of the City #02

Painting using acrylic on watercolour paper (Fabriano Artisico).  Tools – found objects (wire, plastic, cable ties) scavenged from local building sites!

Edge of the City #02
Diptych | Acrylic on Watercolour Paper

Edge of the City

Painted from the edge of the City of London – looking towards Aldgate from Petitcoat Lane.  Painted using found tools / objects using acrylic and graphite on watercolour (Winsor & Newton) paper.

Edge of the City
Diptych | Each Panel  21cm x 29cm