Been recently experimenting with layering with washes of different shades, adding lines (with carbon), some with collage of off-cuts of old watercolour paper – deciding on how to move along with the development of the work.

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper | 45cm x 45cm


Untitled No. 1 | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper | 40cm x 57cm

070716#02Untitled No. 2 | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper with Collage | 40cm x 57cm


Untitled No. 3 | Acrylic & Carbon on Paper with Collage | 40cm x 57cm

The second of two experiments, layer upon layer over a collage of work (an old Matisse calendar!). The challenge was finding the image within the layers and developing and uncovering the motif as the process went on.



Collaged some old images from an expired calendar, over-painted, scratched, over-painted, drew, marked – the cycle continued for 10+ visits, ending with some marks that became the final landscape…

Made in the studio.  Acrylic with ‘Liquitex Gloss Medium’ and graphite on Arches watercolour paper.  15cm x 28cm.  A gift for my nephew.

Seeing Through The Light
Acrylic on Paper | 15cm x 28cm

Painting using acrylic on watercolour paper (Fabriano Artisico).  Tools – found objects (wire, plastic, cable ties) scavenged from local building sites!

Edge of the City #02
Diptych | Acrylic on Watercolour Paper

Painted from the edge of the City of London – looking towards Aldgate from Petitcoat Lane.  Painted using found tools / objects using acrylic and graphite on watercolour (Winsor & Newton) paper.

Edge of the City
Diptych | Each Panel  21cm x 29cm

A recent work from my studio |  Acrylic on Saunders Waterford Paper | Re-imagined Experiences Influencing the Abstract.


Acrylic on Watercolour Paper | 28cm x 38cm